Thursday, July 8, 2010

the hungry caterpillars

Avery got a live butterfly kit for her birthday from her friend Harper. We mailed off for the larve and they came a few days later.

Avery checked on them everyday.

They got to be pretty gross. Once they made a coccoon, we transfered them to the "habitat".

They hatched and became "beautiful butterflies!"

Avery named them Cookie, Cheeries,


and Cliff.

After they all hatched, we let them go in the back yard.

I thought Avery would be sad, but she wasn't she just said bye to each one as it flew away. She asks every once in a while, "Remember when we had a lot of caterpillars. Then the were a Beautiful Butterfly and fly away!"

That was fun. We may do it again next spring. I know we will not be doing THIS at all.

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Zanna Grace said...

Beautiful butterflies! Yes, stay away from those hissing cockroaches.GROSS. Love Avery, and love you!Ready for mom weekend at the lake in November :)