Monday, September 29, 2008

craft show

celebrate art! sherman arts festival
september 20, 2008

last weekend, i packed up all the zen bebe stuff i had been working on for the last, oh, all summer and went to sherman. on friday night james came with me to help set up and sell (1 blanket, but who is counting) and then next day jenny and my mom came to help.

they were awesome, we made a great team! mom's tupperware sales lady days came back in full swing. she was happy and friendly and so willing to talk to people about all the great uses of the burp cloth. she knew where to find corn dogs and scoped out the other baby shops.

jenny was a perfect compliment to that. she was doing a lot of the behind the scenes thinking and stratergerizing (it is a word, ask jeremy). she would make suggestions for small changes that made a big difference and on the way home we made a list of all the things we would do differently next time. that is not to say she didn't sell her butt off, she did! she listened to me desribe something once and then was able to fully expalian it the next time someone was interested.

i was amazed and felt very fortunate to have my mom and my sister helping me so much! i can honestly say i could not have done it with out them.

it is funny because people ask me all the time how it went. well, it went well. i had a lot of fun. i sold some stuff and i want to do it again. i am not rich, and things did not fly off the shelves but it was a good experience. not to mention the fact that i was in sherman, tx!

i love sherman! if you don't know, i went to austin college in sherman and i love that town. i got to see some friends that i have not seen in a long time, linnea, emily, pat and andy. i also saw one of my favorite professors, jane white. and...just to make me feel really old, i ran into lauren who i used to babysit. she is now a freshman at ac!

speaking of old, next weekend is our 10 year high school reunion...stay tuned!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

something green

avery is feeling better. her fever is gone and she just has a little cough.

avery is not a big fan of the vegetable. we put veggies on her plate at dinner, but the closest she ever gets to touching them is to try and feed them to maverick. we pick them off her plate and eat them ourselves to show her how good they are. or we eat the veggies on our plate and say "mmmmm". she says "mmmm" too. then if we offer them to her, whether it be on a spoon or with our fingers, she will close her eyes and turn her head. so polite, so frusterating.

a few days ago, we were eating dinner. soft tacos. i was snacking on a bag of sugar snap peas while making dinner and brought the bag over to the table. avery said "peas" (please) and held out her hand. yes, they are peas...i handed one over, knowing i would be picking it up off the floor after maverick rejected it.

but no...

she actully took a bite

thought about it

and asked for more.

when i was putting away the dishes, i looked over and she had climbed back up to the table and was still snacking on the sugar snap peas.
our new favorite snack/vegetable/side dish/something green

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sick day

i got a call from aimee this morning that avery had a temp of 100.7 so we both took a sick day. i could tell that she felt bad because she was very cuddly when we got home and actually sat in my lap without a book.

she slept most of the day. i could tell she was trying hard to play but she ended up just sitting next to her toys and holding her bear. she was ready to sleep again.

when dancing with the stars came on, she perked up and started "dancing" well, more like stomping her feet and spinning in a circle. she didn't have a fever anymore and i could tell.

overall it was a quiet day, not normal. i am ready for chatter-box wiggly avery to come back...although i could get used to the cuddles.

she will be home all day with daddy tomorrow.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

craft show next weekend

next weekend, i will be in sherman, tx for celebrate art! the sherman arts festival. i will have a booth selling all of my zen bebe products. it is friday, the 19th from 5pm until dark and saturday the 20th from 9-5. there are a lot of great vendors and art contests galore! we will be in booth #20.

this is my first time to sell at a craft show so i don't know how it will go. i have gotten a ton of help from jenny, my sister, and my mom and they are coming to help at the show. my dad has brought over truck loads of tables, chairs and whatnot. james has done a good job of putting up with me when i am cranky from no sleep. and they have all asked really good questions that i probably would not have thought of. i would not have been able to do it with out them, this has been a real family affair and i appreciate them all! so, thank you, thank you! i am really looking forward to it, i just hope i am ready :-)

if you are in the area, stop by! go roos!

even avery was helping!

i will be selling almost everything listed in my shop,
and i have some new products i am excited about.

back to work...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

zen wednesday - manners

i have found zen this week in avery's little manners and it is about the cutest things i have ever seen.

we have been working on signs and she got really good at "please" because it is the word for practically any thing she wants.

thank you came next. we would play a game where every time she gave me something i would say "thank you" and do the sign. it took a while but now when she wants something, she says please and now after we give it to her she signs "thank you" and makes a noise like she is blowing a kiss.

just this week, (something we did not exactly teach her, or expect her to do) she says "your welcome." it sounds like "yum-come." i guess she heard us say it after so many thank yous that she decided to try it out.

i love it...

today she took off her shoes and threw them in the living room, said "yum-come" and walked out of the room. did she really think i wanted her shoes, or was she just being sassy?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

no time for zen

we have had a very busy week, no time for zen. (i started this post on wednesday, but it is really sunday). avery was sick and stayed home with james. she is feeling better now, but it has been a long week. i have been trying to get ready for an upcoming craft show and was planning on working during avery's nap. but my machine keeps doing this...

perfect timing.

i am taking it as a sign that it is time to stop and watch hgtv...

deep breath!