Wednesday, October 29, 2008

zen wednesday - good friends!

we had such a good time with omi, britton, chris and riley.
we went out to eat, hung around the house, ate ice cream (a lot of ice cream), shopped, and did i mention going out to eat?

riley and avery had fun playing together. riley liked to sing along with avery's toys and taught us a new version of the itsy-bitsy spider. next time you are in little rock, make sure you ask for a specail performance. it is worth it.

we figured out that at our next girls weekend there will be 4 kids! yeah for preggo friends!

Friday, October 24, 2008

more pumpkins...

last weekend we went to the dallas arboretum with grandma, grandpa, chris, karon and annabelle. they had a fantastic fall display and about 8 trillion pumpkins. avery and annabelle had a lot of fun sitting on haystacks, hugging pumpkins and running around the big open areas. it was a beautiful day.

we love grandma!

time to go home!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

counting down...

...the days until two of my best-est friends come visit.

omi and britton are coming on friday!

that means avery and riley will get to play together, too!

i am so excited! i just can't wait!

Monday, October 20, 2008

the pumpkin patch

we took avery to the pumpkin patch in flower mound.

i love the fall!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

zen wednesday - one little word

avery is a talker. i tried counting her words on day. i stopped after 26 and started getting breakfast ready. she also has phrases. my favorite right now is "go mama." she says it when we get in the car. she says it when she wants to go outside. she says it when she is done with the bath, and when she wants me to stop brushing her teeth. it is a very versatile phase. another one is "dada go." she says it when she is looking for james, whether they are playing or if he is at work. if he goes into the garage, she will say it. she likes to know where "dada go."

there is one little word that i thought she would never say. a little word that means so much. i never imagined my sweet little avery would have to use this word, but now it is as common as rah-rah (maverick). that little word


i wasn't sure at first, but i could hear her trying it out one morning in her crib before i got her up. she was saying "now-now-now-nooow" to herself. later, when i was changing her diaper she looked in the mirror and said it again "now-now-nooow, now-now." i had an idea it was coming, but i was not sure when.

later that night, at dinner, she had a well balanced meal in front of her. chicken, something green, cut up fruit, the basics. "avery, do you want to try some chicken." she turned her head, closed her eyes and very matter-of-fact-ly said


she has been using the word with confidence ever since.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

little helper

avery really likes to help feed maverick. she remembers every morning, and most evenings when we get home.
maverick knows who to go to for food.
she loves her rah-rah!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

avery jane 1 year later

i wanted to see how much avery has changed in a year, so here are some pictures from last year compared to more recent ones.
more teeth

from sitting to running

no more mushy foods

annabelle is still her bff!

i cannot believe it, she just keeps growing!

Friday, October 3, 2008

would you believe...

i came home after work and just kind of thought something was wrong. it may have been that the gate was open, and i was sure i closed it. it may have been the way maverick darted out of the house with out even saying hello when we came home (very unusual).

inside, the kitchen looked like maverick had gotten into the trash again. it was a disaster! not how i left it, especially because it is trash day and james emptied the trash before going to work. there were bits and pieces of something everywhere. then i looked down and saw this...

the floor...exploded?

at closer look, there were bits and pieces of concrete and linoleum from the garage door to the front door. in the sink, on the counters, on the ceiling? yes, the ceiling too.

i called james and after a very poor job of explaining the exploded floor and bits of concrete, and no, it is not wet, yes the water works, and the lights too, i emailed him some pictures.

he was at work and his lieutenant knows a lot about houses. his diagnosis - a cable in the foundation popped, it is common. he knows a guy.

great, i said, new floors! and if we are doing new floors, we might as well do the cabinets, so that means new counter tops. you know, if we knock down part of this wall, it could really open things up. since we are doing all of that, we should just go ahead and get a new oven too.

merry christmas !?!