Thursday, June 11, 2009

avery is 2

i was thinking back to when i started this blog and it was 1 year ago with a similar post of avery's 1 year stats. now avery is 2! well, she has been 2 for over a month, but i am just now getting to posting all of her new tricks.

at her 2 year check up, she weighed 26 lbs and was 33 1/2 inches tall.

favorite phrases:"how doin' mama, good?" "maverick a good boy" "daddy workin, he a fireman, daddy have beeeg truck" "ready go? soon? a-morrow?" and "ooh man!"

best made up word: pack-a-nite - it means sit on the bed while i jump on it

favorite songs: jump up and down, happy and you know it, 5 little monkeys

pretty cool: hearing her count to 12. (thank you sesame street!)

best birthday present: gymnastics! she asks everyday if she can go to a-nack-a-nicks. when we pull into the parking lot she cheers. her favorite is the trampoline and forward rolls down the ramp. she jumps on everything at home.

other favorite activity: swimming. she loves jumping from the side and swimming under water. she also loves to kick her feet and lounge on a noodle.

best surprize: she is potty trained! it did not take as long as i thought. she has had a few accidents, but overall she is doing great!

favorite toys: puzzles, her baby doll - ella, bubbles, chalk, and her tea party.

best animal noise: dinosaur

favorite bedtime stories: goodnight moon and hush (coming soon to blog posts!)
favorite food: chicken nuggets. that's it.

favorite tv show: calliou

overall favorite thing to do ever: jump

Monday, June 8, 2009

baby names

we are so excited to be having another little girl in 10 weeks! she is definetly a wiggle worm and will give miss avery a run for her money if her summersaults are any indication of her activity level later on.

people have been asking if avery gets it. she knows about babies, and is very interested in all the newbabies that she has met over the last few months. after coming home from visiting with ella, she named her doll ella. she also sticks out her stomach and says "i have a baby sister." she likes to kiss my tummy and we try to talk a lot about babies and sisters. all the prep in the world, but until newbaby is here to stay i am not sure she really "gets it" yet.

we have been trying to decide on a name and this time was more difficult than with avery. we knew before we knew she was a girl that she would be Avery Jane. for newbaby, we have it narrowed down to Lily Taylor and Carly Allaire. a few months back we asked avery which name she liked better, lily or carly. she always said "carly." later, james and i decided to go with lily. we started calling her baby lily and in our prayers and night we pray for baby lily. every time i said lily, avery would say, "no, carly."

so here we are.

i started calling her baby carly to see if avery would go back to lily (or as she says "willy") but so far she hasn't. her baby sister is carly.

maybe she knows something we don't.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

baby reid

for memorial day weekend we went to austin to visit jenny and jeremy and baby reid! we had a great time. avery LOVES her cousin!

we went to the playgound

grandma was in town for part of our trip so she got to hang out with 2 grandbabies.

avery liked all of reid's toys.

james got in some good cuddle time.

she was very interested in reid's feet. who can resist?

taylor and gary came over for dinner. avery loves to play with uncle gary.

we love that baby!