Wednesday, January 28, 2009

zen wednesday - no school

it has been a long while since i have updated the blog. it was a busy, exhausting month. the good news is that i got an unexpected day off in the middle of the week. we had ice storms last night and in to this morning. school was closed so i spent the whole day with avery.

we went out to play in the ice. it was not as cold as it looks. the sun was bright and the ice was melted by about noon. maverick was not too excited about the weather. avery had fun pulling the icicles off the edge of the table and fence. it was a low key day and i am thankful for that :)

i realize she looks like a marshmallow.
she was wearing about 3 layers and that jacket is size 4t.

here are some other things that have been going on this month...
avery started a new school. it is a child's garden montessori. she is really happy to go in the mornings. we got a note from the teacher that said avery is "social and independent." yup.

avery is potty training. kind of. she likes to sit on the potty, read books, flush, and wash her hands. we have not mastered the actual "going" potty yet. she tries.

besides having freezing days, we have had some 80 degree days too. ahh, texas.

avery's hair is long enough for pigtails. as long as she doesn't yank them out.

oh, and my excuse for why i am so tired and i can't seem to keep up with this blog, (or anything else) ...we are having another baby!!! i am 11 weeks along and due august 18. i am starting to get my energy back. avery turns 2 in may so they will be 27 months apart. we are so excited :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas morn

we went to fort worth to spend Christmas morning with my parents and chris, karon and annabelle. after breakfast we opened presents and then played dominoes. it was a good time!

avery and annabelle were jumping on the couch most of the day

avery made a plate for grandma

the girls helped grandpa open presents

i made tutus for avery and annabelle.
avery loved it and wore it to open her presents.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

christmas continues

we spent the night at our own house on Christmas eve. even though we would be driving back to fort worth (again) the next day, we wanted avery to have some Christmas time at home.

we got in to our pj's and then we nestled all snug in our beds.

on Christmas morning avery was excited to see her new tricycle under the tree. she went straight for it and rode it a while before she noticed there were other presents to open, and by now she knows exactly how to do it.

so sleepy!

after playing with all of our new toys, we got dressed and headed over to grandma and grandpa's house for breakfast.

more to come!