Monday, February 23, 2009

2 new tricks

avery learned some new tricks at her school. she came home one night and showed us both of them.

this is how they teach the kids to put on their jackets. we were both very impressed.

i am not sure where she learned to flip, or if she just decided to try it one day. she has been rolling off the couch for quite some time. also, we get a call about once a week that avery has fallen and bumped her head at school. maybe this is how they are teaching her to fall safely? roll...

Friday, February 20, 2009


one of the things i loved about being pregnant with avery was prenatal yoga. i started taking yoga when i was about 20 weeks pregnant and would try to go every week. after she was born, i took her to itsy bitsy yoga and then when i went back to work, i started taking classes from a martial arts studio by my house. it was fantastic, true power-yoga. i left sweaty, which i think is a good sign :) i kept up with it for over a year after avery was born and then life got to be too busy. i quit going to my regular classes and joined the gym (mostly for childcare). it was ok, the instructors are is just not the same.

well now, i am back to prenatal yoga. i love it! i go every tuesday after girls fitness club at school. 2 of my good friends are preggo, too. we are all teachers, so after work we meet there. it is at destination maternity on LBJ and montfort (by the galleria) and the best is free! it is amazing. i didn't believe it the first time i went, and i hardly believe it now. (there is also another prenatal yoga studio at a pea in the pod on northwest hwy if you are more in the dallas-dallas area.) everyone in the class is pregnant, and some are further along than others. it is a great place to talk about what is going on, and get excited for other people. and just because it is for big bellies, does not mean it's easy! last week i left with and my legs were still a little shakey. it is real yoga, just with some modifications. if you are new to yoga, it is a good place to start. it is a small class and the instructor walks around and helps you out.

then, after i went to prenatal i saw that they now have MoMe yoga and i could bring avery. this class is on sunday so i went to try it out. (also free!) it was great! it was real yoga for moms and you use your baby as a weight as you sing nursery rhymes and lift them up or swing them around. avery was only interested for part of the time. the rest of the time she played with the stuffed animals and tried to drink out of my water bottle. it was perfectly fine for her to roam the room and i still got a good workout. the only problem is after church avery is really tired so we will just have to figure out nap times and all of that, but i definitely plan on going again.

so, this is my public service announcement. if you are prenant, or have a little one, or both, and you live in dallas (or check to see if they have a destination maternity in your city) then you should try it! check here for a schedule. there are a lot of other classes too. sometimes the classes fill up fast so get there early, or call and put yourself on the list. it feels really good to do something for yourself and your baby...especaially when you don't feel like doing anything at all.

Monday, February 9, 2009

baby pictures!

here are some 12 week sonogram pictures for newbaby.

just hangin out with my feet up

i am pretty sure that is a smile.

during the sono, newbaby had the hiccups. newbaby would kind of hop up and then float back down every few seconds. it may have been the cutest thing ever.

i love newbaby :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

this time around

things are a little different this time around.

i am 12 weeks along, due august 18. i was thinking about how things are different this time. not better or worse, just different.

last time, i had about 4 different pregnant-lady books that i would browse regularly. i knew exactly how big she was supposed to be and when she got her fingernails. this time i am not even sure where those books are. i probably lent them out.

last time, i knew she was a girl from the beginning. i would have bet money. this time, not so sure. i would say it is about 50/50.

last time when i told people i was pregnant the general response was "yeah, it's about time." this time, i get a lot of "wow, that was quick. was it a surprise?"
---fyi, not exactly. we knew we wanted another baby, we just did not expect it to happen so quickly. what a blessing :)

last time i ate a serious amount of chicken nuggets. this time, i would prefer not to be in the same room as chicken or chicken like products.

along the craving line, last time was all things sweet. this time (so far) it is all things sour.

last time, lots of yoga. this time, more yoga!

last time, "morning" does not quite describe the 31 weeks of toilet hugging. this time, so far 2nd trimester is golden!

last time, so excited about maternity clothes. this time, not so much.

last time i would imagine things i would do with a baby. this time i imagine what avery is going to do with a baby. i can't wait!!!