Thursday, April 22, 2010

still here...

yup...still here. just livin. life is good. more to come.

Monday, April 19, 2010

carly's milestones

Little Carly is getting big! The last "update" I did was at 3 months so we have a lot of catching up to do. I can't even believe it is April already!

4 months
Carly stated eating rice ceral for the first time. I started making her food and so far she loves anything on a spoon. The bottle is a different story!

Avery like to help feed her and scoop the food off of her chin.

She was Baby Jesus at the Christmas Eve Service at our church. Avery was the Donkey, I was Mary and our friend Wes was Joseph (James had to work.)
Her stats at 4 months: length 24 3/4 inches (75%) weight 11.9 lbs (10%)

5 months
Carly was baptized on January 10. It was really special because our friend Noah was baptized on the same day and Matt (Noah's Daddy) was Carly's Elder sponsor. Rev. Fran Shelton baptized both Avery and Carly.

Calry started rolling over and then a few days later she was sitting up. She also got her first two teeth. It was a big month!

6 months
This was a rough month for little Carly Girl. At her 6 month check up she was down to the 5% at 13 lbs. and the Dr. was concerned. She has a hard time taking more than 1-2 oz. of formula at a time so we were referred to a speech therapist for a feeding consulation. She found that there was nothing physically wrong, but she possibly had silent reflux or an aversion to the bottle. We tried a lot of different things and started adding extra calories to her food and bottles. She is so calm and happy all the time, you wouldn't even know something was wrong. Maybe nothing was, but she made it very clear when she was done, she was done!

Carly loves her big sister. She is just so interested in watching Avery's every move. She cracks up when Avery gets in her face and says "Haaa-ppyBaby!" We went to vist Baby Reid in Austin for my birthday. Good times!

7 months
She is not so interested in crawling, but loves to roll around on the floor. She laughs a lot and likes to pick up toys to examine them. She is starting to not like it when Avery takes toys from her.

Carly is eating (and sleeping) better. She has tried a lot of new tastes and textures. She really likes yogurt with cinnamon and sweet potatoes.

We took a family trip to Angel Fire with Aunt Jenny, Uncle Jer and Baby Reid. We had so much fun playing in the snow. (more to come on this trip, you know, someday)

She is just so quiet and content. She is happy to be outside (although she does not look happy here.)

8 months
She says "mama" when she is really upset. It sounds like "ma-ma-ma-maaaa" so I don't really think it counts as a first word, but she is getting there! She also started getting her top 2 teeth. That makes 4! Her favorite toys are her piano and the leap frog musical table. She is still pretty quiet most of the time, but with the new teeth coming in she is blowing rasberries all over! Her appetite gets better all the time, too. She feels more meaty to me, so we will see at her 9 month check up if all this eating has paid off!