Friday, July 31, 2009

getting ready for carly

less than 2 weeks to go and we will have 2 baby girls. avery is so excited about her new baby sister. she says good morning to baby carly every morning and rubs the belly.

when jenny and reid were here a few weekends ago, she loved holding him and talking to him and telling us all what he was doing. i think she is going to be a good big sister!

we are going to attempt to have them share a room. so we, and by "we" i mean james and his sister, taylor, rearranged the furniture to make room for the crib. avery has a little spot by her bed for all of her baby stuff.

the crib is ready for a sleepy baby!

avery likes taking baby ella for walks around the house. we are all so excited to meet baby carly!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

baby sprinkle

this past weekend, jenny, taylor, sarah and omi threw a baby sprinkle to help us get ready for carly. it was a lot of fun with so many special touches! everyone decorated cookies to send home with us...they did not last until the baby came by the way. there was a calendar for people to sign up to bring food after carly comes. there were postcards that i can't wait to read. the food was fantastic (thanks matt!). taylor made a super cute diaper cake. there were even little bath bombs in the shape of cupcakes as favors. avery had a good time, but was a little sleepy. a lot of people thought of her when bringing gifts so she had some "big sister" presents to open too! we got just what we needed i.e. plenty of diapers! i had a great time and feel so blessed to have such good friends!

sarah k, sarah s and gretchen decorating cookies

my sisters...taylor and jenny

claire and sarah

avery was taking a break

nicole, gretchen, and sarah

avery liked opening presents

for the big sister!

all the babies...rachael & max, amy & ella, jenny & reid, omi & isabella

book club...omi& isabella, jenn, me, angela & sarah

Thursday, July 23, 2009

july fly by

july has flown by for us! instead of doing a post each exciting thing we have done, i have put in the highlights so i can get all caught up for when baby carly comes.

we had a fun time at the flower mound community activity center with our friends from LCE.
avery, caitlin, harper and addison were having a snack.

on the 4th of july, avery and i went to memaw and papa's for a yummy lunch and then we watched some fireworks that night.

avery has done a lot of swimming this summer!

we had a fun time with bella and quade. their moms, christina and katie and i have been good friends since middle school. not that long ago :) bella is going to have a new baby sister, olivia about the same time avery becomes a big sister!

the bump is getting bigger!

we are enjoying our summer!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

avery flips

avery loves gymnastics!

then she goes home to give it a try...

Saturday, July 11, 2009


on june 26, we took our new minivan and drove to houston to see our friends omi, robert and their new baby isabella. britton and chris were in town from little rock with riley and gracie. i have been looking forward to this trip for a long time (we had been planning it for a year.)

riley, avery and chris had fun playing the brown bear game.

everyone wanted to play under the jungle mat.

on saturday, we went to the children's museum of houston. it was a great museum with a lot to see and do. riley and avery had a blast!
wanna dance?

baby you can drive my car

avery bought a basket full of mushrooms and clams...maybe we should try that at dinner instead of chicken nuggets.

isabella and gracie hanging out, showing off their best friends onesies.

so sweet!

after dinner, we had popscicles and took avery down to the duck pond by omi's house.

before we left, we wanted to get a picture of them all together. soon there will be more to add to the couch :)

what a great trip. we can't wait to see all of them again soon.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

play dates

one of the good things about summer is time to play with friends. on june 22, we had a play date with some of my teacher friends from LCE. we have kiddos about the same age so we try to get together every once in a while. they are growing so fast! this time last year, most of them were hanging out on a blanket and looking at eachother. this year, they were on the move!

caitlin liked the tea party in avery's little play house.

landon and logan were playing ball

harper was very impressed with wubzy and liked when avery made him dance.

baby reid was still in town so he came over to play too!
baby ian was there too, he spent his time napping with mom and dad. it was a lot of fun to have them over to play.