Saturday, March 28, 2009

big changes for the big girl

once we found out that newbaby was a girl, we decided that avery and newbaby could share a room (or at least we would try) so that means avery got a new bed. the first night she kept saying "i want da o-der bed." by the moring she was saying "avery's bed" and jumping off of it over and over so i would say she likes it.

so far she has slept all night in her new bed and still cries for us in the morning to come get her. also "boo yike it" and if that is where boo is sleeping, that is where avery is sleeping!

another big change for avery is no more pacifier. she calls it "pass" usually as "boo-pass" when she is sleepy and wants them both. she has not had pass for naps at daycare since august, but would still want it at home on the weekends and every night. we decided spring break we would say bye-bye to pass.

i have heard of many ways to get rid of pass. we decided to snip the end off so that it didn't work. we did that to 3 of them and then hid all the others. when she was getting ready for bed, she reached in to her crib and pulled out pass. without even putting it in her mouth, she looked at me and said "pass broken." i said, hmm try this one. she took it and stuck her finger in the hole and said "dis pass broken." we still let her sleep with it and try to suck on it anyway. she took longer to get to sleep. a few nights later she stopped bringing it in bed with her, it just stayed on the floor for a while. she still said "boo-pass" then she would say "pass broken." now, more than a week later she doesn't even ask for it :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a...


we found out on tuesday that newbaby is a baby girl! we are so excited. we told avery that she is going to have a baby sister. when she says it, it sounds more like "baby scissors." i am due august 18. now we just have to decide on a name...any suggestions?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

this has been the BEST spring break ever! the weather has been perfect and we have stayed busy every day...but not too busy. i was not that great about taking pictures everyday, but here is an idea of what avery has been up to!
avery had fun playing with her cousin annabelle over the weekend.

on monday we went to the zoo! avery loved the monkey's. they were so active, swinging, running and playing. it was really great. she also liked the flamigos and bugs. she was not very impressed with the cheetah. unfortunatly the rest of the world was at the zoo with us so we did not get around to all of the animals.
avery pet an armadillo

on tuesday avery and i met friends at the park for a picnic. avery played with kiley, keesja, julianna and sophia while jacquelyn, jennifer and i sat on a blanket and got sunburned! avery had a good time catching ladybugs with keesja.

the rest of the week, avery and i went to MoMe yoga with christina and her little girl, addison. we also went to the galleria to play another day with friends. we checked out a lot of playgrounds too. we were outside almost all of the time she wasn't napping. we even started a little graden. avery loves to water the plants and move the dirt around.

blowing bubbles

playing with chalk

watering the garden

it was a long week!