Saturday, April 25, 2009

etsyBABY baby shower

the etsyBABY team is hosting a baby shower. i am a giver and a receiver, so that is fun! i made a hand embroidered onesie for each of my moms.

thank you to sherbet baby and jellybean apparel my "hostesses." i can't wait to see! if you did not sign up, you can still stop by the etsy virtual labs on may 2nd for some games and free prizes!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

words...a lot of words

avery is a talker. today when i picked her up from school i noticed that she did not stop talking the entire way home. it is about an 8 minute drive.

here is how our conversation started:
avery, how was your day?


did you have fun at school?


what did you do?

and then it started...

i play, i play with buddies, mama, i play with buddies on the play ground, the slide, play on the play ground, i want a snack, i want a cracker mama, i have crackers? i handed her the left over crackers from her lunch. right there mama, i hold it, i hold the crackers, i eat crackers mama, look mama, shoes off, shoes off mama, piggies, look mama piggies, do it mama, piggies i reach back to start this little piggie, no mama bumble bee, we sing the bumblebee song, look, mo-cycle, look mama mo-cycle, vroom vroom a mo-cycle, hi mo-cycle, hi, bye mo-cycle, see a later, i got a boo-boo, look mama, a boo-boo, sho (lotion) on it?, i put sho on it, a boo-boo, look, a boo-boo. oh, firetruck, whoo whoo firetruck, look mama, daddy working, daddy fireman, is dada home? we were at a stop light and the firefighter were collecting for fill-the-boot. the fireman conversation continued until we passed a park. look mama, PLAYGROUND, its fun, a playground, wee, fun, fun mama, playground. go to the playground, i play? i go home? i see maverick? i play bubbles, i play bubbles at home, see maverick. we pass another playground. look a playground, its fun, a playgound hi playgound, bye playgound, see a later. is maverick home, is daddy home, is mama home, is avery home, i have boo-boo mama, look, sho on it. sho on it at home, apple juice? i have apple juice at home? maverick home? and then we pull in to the driveway.

i had some, "yes avery" " i know it" and "i see that avery" comments scattered about. they were unnecessary. she kept the conversation going regradless.

Monday, April 20, 2009

check out the new design

i got a blog makeover and i LOVE it! it is from blog designs by kristi. she was super helpful and patient with all of my little adjustments. i hope you like it :)

she also designed a new banner and avatar for my shop i am kind of stuck on my little sprout avery so i have not changed the avatar yet.

i added some new baby pics to go with their hand embroidered onesies. ian and ella were born on the same day, a few hours apart at different hospitals. these onesies are my new favorite thing to make so be looking for more :) here are the sweet babies in their onesies...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

bad dog marley

book review - avery's favorites

bad dog marley has been one of avery's favorites since before she could talk. i cannont remember life before avery was talking, but i am sure there were a few months of quiet. it is based on marley and me except it has a happy ending. avery loves this book and says "oh no" every time marley gets in trouble.

maverick has revisited the art of getting in to the trash when we leave. the other day when we came home and trash was scattered throughout the kitchen avery said, "oh no, bad dog marley!"

she has started to bring books to bed with her. she says,"i'll hold it" and then she tucks it underneath her when i put the covers on. luckily she only tries that with paperback books.

Monday, April 13, 2009

happy easter!

easter weekend was a lot of fun! we went to mema and papa's house on saturday. avery had an easter egg hunt in the back yard. after she found all the eggs, she threw them one by one into the garden in the back of the yard.

we went to church on sunday morning.

then we went over to grandma and grandpa's house for easter lunch and she got a fun basket of books and toys.
avery's favorite "book" at grandma and grandpa's house is a photo album with avery and annabelle when they were babies. she ususally can tell which ones are avery and which ones are annabelle. sometimes she would point and say "baby weed." i am sure he will be in the album very soon!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

happy birthday!

james' birthday was friday. he had to work and i was out of school so avery and i made him (and the other guys on his shift) cupcakes and cookies.

avery likes to help in the kitchen.

i told her we were going to the fire station to bring daddy cookies. she said, "daddy fire station" all day after that.

we stopped along the way and bought him a balloon.

the cookies were a hit, they were gone in about 30 minutes.

avery was afraid of the fire engine so we only got a picture of her with james. she wouldn't let go of him, or go near the engine.

on the way home she was talking about the fire station, the fire man, and the fire truck.

it was a fun day! happy birthday james :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

zen wednesday - book review

saying avery loves to read is an understatement. if she had books and no toys, she would be fine. she definitely has favorites and james and i joke about avery's "book of the week." she will read the same book over and over for days to the point where she will finish the sentence. she would prefer to have someone read to her, but she is happy flipping through the pages on her own.

i am pretty sure she comes by it honestly. i love to read and she has come with me to book club a number of times. it really makes me happy that she loves books so much. i decided to share some of her favorites over the next couple of weeks, or whenever one i like comes along.

please pass on books you think she (or i) would enjoy. it gets tiresome reading the same 2-3 over and over when she has a bookcase full!

right now, the book of the week is
or as avery calls it..."cookie mouse"

her favorite part is when the mouse decides to draw a picture. she also likes to find the mouse on each page and shout "cookie" every time we say it.

teacher note: this is a great book for teaching cause and effect or sequence of events :)

we read cookie mouse at least 2-3 times a day and each night at bedtime. don't worry, this is not the only book she is in to right now, it is just at the top of her list.

she actually took the book to bed with her on saturday night. how could i deny her?

Monday, April 6, 2009

peanut butter

avery has a new love. pb-spoon. translation: peanut butter on a spoon. in the morning i would give her a spoon of pb while i made her breakfast. it has morphed into her wanting a bowl of pb to eat with a spoon. no need for toast anymore, and forget the banana.

more pb spoon please mama.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

welcome to the world reid!

reid allaire remington was born on march 28, 2009.

we were in austin for the big day and got to meet baby reid when he was a few hours old.

congratulations to mommy and daddy, jenny and jer! we love you.

avery got to meet her new cousin and said "hi baby weed."
we are so happy that he came into the world healthy and happy. he is a very sweet baby and we were blessed to be there his first few days.

for more info - check out their blog