Thursday, June 19, 2008

how it all started

i started going to yoga when i was about 12 weeks pregnant and it has been a part of my weekly routine ever since (missing a few classes here and there, and stopping all together towards the end of my pregnancy). when avery was 6 weeks old i took her to an itsy bitsy yoga class. i wouldn't say she loved it right away, but i certainly loved hanging out with other moms and having a place to share stories and get advice.

avery became a little yogi herself. her laid back personality was a perfect fit and deana, the instructor began calling her "little zen baby" (hence the name zen bebe).

right after itsy bitsy, there was a postnatal yoga class. the moms that stayed would feed their babies in between. i had a blanket to cover up with, but it was very awkward. after a few months of class, i decided to make my first bff (or breast-feeding fabric) which was a very convenient way to feed avery, keep my privacy, but it was a style that was me (not baby pink like everything else i was carrying lately.) other moms noticed and asked where i got it. when i told them i made it, they asked if i would make them one, too!

at the same time, i had a lot of friends having babies and baby showers. i have always thought it was more personal to make gifts rather than buy them so when i had the time, i would make something just for them. i started to get the idea to sell on etsy after seeing many cool gifts on mightygoods. i gave it a try and the rest (as they say) is history.

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