Saturday, December 27, 2008

christmas part 2

on december 20th, we celebrated Christmas with some good friends and all the kids. we are all connected through daycare and teaching. and i am so glad we have stayed in touch. the kids just love each other and get so excited to see one another.

we were at julianna's house (jennifer and greg) and everyone brought something to eat. there were more desserts than anything else so it was a good night!

emari is the youngest of the kiddos. she was almost a month old for our little party. avery was very interested in "aimee-baby."

julianna was giving hugs to avery and her baby sister sophia.

riley, kurtis, jake and avery...she is used to being one of the boys!

the kids had so much fun playing and running around, up and down the stairs while the dads watched the cowboy game. we had a great time! the kids drew names for presents and they were so sweet with thank-yous and hugs.

sophia, kurtis, jake, emari, wyatt, julianna, riley and avery...(we missed keesja and kiley...they were already out of town for Christmas)

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