Wednesday, May 13, 2009

book review - go dog go

possibly avery's all time (okay 2 year) favorite book is go dog go by p.d. eastman. she used to call it "go go rah-rah." this is the one book where we can't skip any pages, she knows what comes next.

this past winter, uncle jer was reading it to avery...or the other way around.

i caught her reading it one day in our bedroom. by the time i got the camera, she was almost done.

if you can't tell what she says it's: "i don't wanna" (go to bed) then she is making the dog party noises, then "hello again", "good-bye" and "i'm reading."
teacher note: this is a great book for teaching adjectives, prepositions, colors, or opposites. go dog go has it all!


Jenny said...

Yay for "go rah rah go!" I love Avery and her Mama!

Katie said...

Absolutely one of my faves as well. "Do you like my hat?" "No, I do NOT like that hat." Thomas got to see that play at a children's theatre in Houston his last year of preschool. Not sure who liked it more--him or me. ;)Avery has good taste.

Unknown said...

I miss my girls