Sunday, July 26, 2009

baby sprinkle

this past weekend, jenny, taylor, sarah and omi threw a baby sprinkle to help us get ready for carly. it was a lot of fun with so many special touches! everyone decorated cookies to send home with us...they did not last until the baby came by the way. there was a calendar for people to sign up to bring food after carly comes. there were postcards that i can't wait to read. the food was fantastic (thanks matt!). taylor made a super cute diaper cake. there were even little bath bombs in the shape of cupcakes as favors. avery had a good time, but was a little sleepy. a lot of people thought of her when bringing gifts so she had some "big sister" presents to open too! we got just what we needed i.e. plenty of diapers! i had a great time and feel so blessed to have such good friends!

sarah k, sarah s and gretchen decorating cookies

my sisters...taylor and jenny

claire and sarah

avery was taking a break

nicole, gretchen, and sarah

avery liked opening presents

for the big sister!

all the babies...rachael & max, amy & ella, jenny & reid, omi & isabella

book club...omi& isabella, jenn, me, angela & sarah


Shannon said...

How fun! I just heard about a baby "sprinkle" and now I'm seeing them all over blog world!!

Side note. Do you have any idea where the owner of that house got the fabric for her curtains? I absolutely LOVE it and want it in my bedroom!!!

MELANIE said...

I LOVE the baby "sprinkle" phrase! Just heard it hear. Very clever. Very exciting that she'll be here soon! Best of luck for an easy labor and delivery! :)

Zanna Grace said...

That is the cutest idea!! Love it! and love you! :) bring on that baby, girl!!!!!!!

noe said...

ok, you can tell i'm baby-less--is a sprinkle for second, thrid, fourth... babies? as in a care-giving party more than a supply giving one?